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Our “El Clasico” Lunch is served Every Day, between 12pm and 5pm alongside our regular Tapas Menu.

“El Clasico” contains a selection of 5 “Classic” Tapas, for two people to share.  It offers unbeatable value, at only £10, and whilst not only providing two hungry people a delicious Tapas Lunch, it can also be scaled up for larger groups whether it’s a Birthday Lunch or an Office Day out.  Be aware that with larger groups we do require your El Clasicos to be preordered.  There is also a vegetarian version for those who require it and the El Clasico can be supplemented with additional Tapas dishes from our menu should you require.

For those with specific dietary requirements we direct you to our Food Allergen Menuas our El Clasico can not be amended to suit various dietary requirements, and we recommend ordering individual Tapas from our Allergen Menu.

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