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Our Wine List is carefully selected from all Corners of Spain to provide a range of tastes and flavours for all discerning palates.  We try hundreds of wines, from every region of Spain, and have been left with, what we feel, is a list which contains not only quality, but excellent value for money wines, most from lesser known, but more individual, regions & Grape Varieties.


Navajas Crianza
DO Rioja Tempranillo/ Garnacha 13%
**This Wine is our House Recommendation**
Plums/ Cherries/ Strawberries/ Vanilla

Bottle: £29.95/ 125ml: £5.50/ 250ml: £10.95

Jarra de Vino de la Casa
A Carafe of our Fantastic House Wine, specially sourced to give you the best value we can offer.
500ml: £15

Castillo de Montblanc
DO Conca de Barbera: Tempranillo 14.5%
Strawberries/ Raspberries/ Balsam/ Soft/ Well Rounded
125ml: £3.95/ 250ml: £7.50/ Bottle: £21.50

DO Campo de Borja Garnacha 13.7%
Black Cherries/ Black Pepper/ Sweet Spices/ Silky Tannins
Bottle: £23.95

DO Carinena: Garnacha 13.5%
Red Cherries/ Plums/ Strawberries/ Soft Tannins

Bottle: £24.95

Palacio Quemado
DO Ribera del Guadiana: Tempranillo 13.5%
Jammy/ Fresh/ From the Area on the South of Spain where all our Iberian Meat is sourced/ Perfectly Matched with our Presa & Secreto Dishes

Bottle: £27.95

Finca el Encinal
DO Ribera del Duero: Tinta Fina 14%
Black Cherries/ Plums/ Sloe Berries/ Vanilla
Bottle: £29.95

DO Navarra: Tempranillo/ Cabernet Sauvignon 14%
Ripe Strawberries/ Black Cherries/ Elegant
Bottle: £28.95

Garcia de la Jara
DO Sanlucar de Barrameda: Tannat/ Petit Verdot/ Merlot: 14.7%
Balsam/ Boxwood/ Faint Suggestion of Salty Sea Air that has Caressed the Grapes as they Grow
Bottle: £28.95

DO Somontano: Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot 14.5%
Blackcurrants/ Blackberries/ Violets/ Red Pepper/ Cosmopolitan
Bottle: £31.95

Time Waits for No One
DO Jumilla: Monastrell 14%
Red Cherries/ Black Cherries/ Truffles/ Savoury
Bottle: £32.95

DO Manchuela: Malbec/ Syrah 14%
A Very rare Spanish Malbec/ Charming
Bottle: £34.95

DO Rioja: Tempranillo 13%
Sweet Spices/ Licorice/ A Modern take on the Classic Rioja Style

Bottle: £36.95

Finca Sobreno
DO Toro: Tinta de Toro 14.5%
Toasted Oak/ Blackberries/ Balsam/ Sweet Spice/ Very Fine, Ripe Tannins/ Persistant Aftertaste
Bottle: £37.95

5 Finques
DO Emporda:
Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot/ Syrah/ Samso/ Garnatxa/ Monastrell 14%
Dark Cherries/ Sweet Spice/ Cream-Like Mouthfeel/ Subtle
Bottle: £39.95 

DO Priorat:
Garnacha/ Mazuelo 14%
Chocolate/ Coffee/ Dark Fruit Preserves

Bottle: £44.95

Txakoli Gorrondona Tinto
DO Hondarribi Beltza: Bizkaiko Tzakalina: 13%
An Incredibly Rare Red Txakali/ Think: A Loire Valley cabernet Franc/ Complex/ Floral/ Herbal/ Persistant
Bottle: £50.95

Rioja Bordon
DO Rioja:
Tempranillo/ Mazuelo/ Graciano 13.5%
Smoked Vanilla/ Cinnamon/ Luscious, Ripe Red Fruits/ Velvety

Bottle: £54.95

Marques de Riscal Reserva
DO Rioja: Tempranillo/ Graciano/ Mazuelo 14%
Chocolate/ Coffee/ Cigar Box/ Cinnamon/ Dill
Magnum: £94.95


Red Wine/ Brandy/ Apple Juice/ Lemonade

1L : £15 / 250ml : £4.95

Margarita de Sangria
White Wine/ Orange Juice/ Fresh Lime/ Tequila

1L : £18 / 250ml : £5.50

Mojito de Sangria
White Wine/ Apple Juice/ Fresh Lime/ Lemonade/ Mint/ White Rum

1L : £18 / 250ml : £5.50

Cosmopolitan de Sangria
Rose Wine/ Cranberry Juice/ Fresh Lime/ Lemonade/ Triple Sec

1L : £19.95 / 250ml : £5.95

Pornochacha de Sangria
Cava/ Passionfruit Syrup/ Fresh Lime/ Vodka

1L : £21.50 / 250ml : £6.50


Please also ask about our fantastic range of alcohol free Sangria recipes – perfect for the designated driver!


DO Jumilla: Sauvignon Blanc 12.5%
** This Wine is our House Recommendation**
Ripe Lemon/ Tropical Fruit/ Lovely Intensity/ Dry, but with a Sweet Nose
Bottle: £25.95/ 125ml: £4.75/ 250ml: £8.95

Jarra de Vino de la Casa
A Carafe of our Fantastic House Wine, specially sourced to give you the best value we can offer.
500ml: £15

Castillo de Montblanc
DO Conca de Barbera: 
Macabeo/Chardonnay 12%
Lemons/ Peaches/ Pineapple/ A Really Great Unoaked Chardonnay
125ml: £3.95/ 250ml: £7.50/ Bottle: £21.50

DO Rueda: Verdejo 12%

Guava/ Gooseberries/ Zesty Citrus
Bottle: £23.95

Navajas Blanco
DO Rioja: Viura 12%
Light/ Crisp/ Lovely Intensity
Bottle: £24.95

Petit Sios
DO Costers de Segre: Viognier/ Muscat/ Chardonnay 12.5%

Candied Pineapple/ Lemons/ Fresh Peaches/ White Flowers
Bottle: £26.95

DO Ribero
Palomino/ Treixadura/ Godello 11%
Light/ Crisp/ Extremely Quaffable/ Unique Blend of Grapes
Bottle: £29.95

Raventos de Alella
DO Alella
Pansa Blanca 13%
Fresh Citrus/ Pears/ Delicate/ A Rare, Limited Productions Wine
Bottle: £33.95

Luna Beberide
DO Bierzo: Godello 13%
Rose Petals/ Fennel/ Expressive/ Very Much of the Cheeky Attitude you’d expect from a Godello
Bottle: £34.95

DO Somontano
Gewurtzraminer 12.5%
Jasmine/ Honeysuckle/ Ripe Peaches/ Lychees/ Sweet Spice
Bottle: £35.95

 Txakoli Zudugarai
DO Getariako Txakolina: Hondarribi Zuri/ Hondarrabi Beltza: 10.5%
Delicate/ Subtle/ Just Incredible with Seafood
Bottle: £36.95


Fino (Tio Pepe)
DO Jerez: 
Palomino 15%
Bone Dry/ Delicate/ Zesty Citrus/ Reviving
100ml : £5.50

Manzanilla (Aurora)
DO Jerez: 
Palomino 15%
Bone Dry/ Faint Hint of Sea Air/ Lighter than a Fino
100ml : £5.50

Amontillado (Del Duque, 30 Year Old)
DO Jerez: 
Palomino 21.5%
Off-Dry/ Nutty/ Salted Csaramel/ Dried Apricots/ Hazelnuts/ Honeydew Melon/ Complex
50ml : £7.50

Oloroso (Matusalem, 30 Year Old)
DO Jerez: 
Palomino 20.5%
Medium Sweet/ Raisins/ Figs/ Candied Orange/ Sweet Spice/ Opulent

50ml : £7.50

Palo Cortado (Apostoles, 30 Year Old)
DO Jerez: 
Palomino 20%
Medium Dry/ Caramel/ Citrussy Orange Peel/ Toasted Almonds/ A Real Journey

50ml : £7.50

Pedro Ximenez (Noe, 30 Year Old)
DO Jerez: 
Pedro Ximenez 15.5%
Super Sweet/ Coffee/ Dark Chocolate/ Plums/ Dried Dates/ Lush

50ml : £7.50



DO Navarra
Garnacha 13%

Blackberries/ Strawberries/ Cherries/ Vanilla
125ml: £4.25
250ml: £7.95
Bottle: £23.95


Macabeo/ Parellada/ Chardonnay 11.5%
The Ultimate accompaniment to any celebration & a brilliant party starter! What stood this Cava Out for us was its Pronounced, Aromatic Nose, Tight, Steady Stream of Bubbles & the Excellent Way in which it Balanced Ripe Green Fruits with Honey, Warm Brioche & Lovely Acidity in its Finish. Not only that, it’s got some really great Packaging too!
Bottle: £29.95

Pescador Blanc
Macabeo/ Parellada/ Xarello 11.5%
Spanish Prosecco/ Lightly Sparkling/ Aromatic
Bottle: £24.95

Castillo Perelada Brut Rosado
Garnacha/ Pinot Noir/ Trepat 11.5%
Dry/ Strawberries/ Raspberries/ Vanilla/ The Best Rose Cava in the World/ The Favourite Drink of Salvador Dali
Bottle: £31.95

La Vida al Camp
Macabeo/ Parellada/ Xarello 11.5%
Dry/ Bright/ Fresh Citrus/ Toasted Brioche/ Exceptional
Bottle: £49.95

Agusti Torello Mata Kripta
Macabeo/ Parellada/ Xarello 12%
Sublime Artisan Cava/ Brioche/ Exquisite
Bottle: £120


The Nutty One
Garnish: Twists of Orange/ Walnuts.  Fever Tree Indian Tonic
25ml: £6.95
50ml: £11.95

The Spiced One
Garnish: Twists of Orange/  Cinnamon/ Pink Peppercorns.  Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.
25ml: £7.25
50ml: £12

Larios Rose
The Strawberry One
Garnish: Strawberries/ Cucumber.  Fever Tree Indian Tonic
25ml: £6.50
50ml: £11.00

The Classic One
Garnish: Lemon Wheels. Fever Tree Indian Tonic
25ml: £5.95
50ml: £9.95

Gin Mare
The Savoury One
Garnish: Twists of Lemon/ Thyme. Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.
25ml: £6.75
50ml: £11.00

Siderit Hibiscus
The Floral One
Garnish: Hibiscus Syrup/ Black Peppercorns.  Fever Tree Indian Tonic.
25ml: £7.50
50ml: £13.00

Sikkim Bilberry
The Bluebery One
Garnish: Blueberries/ Twists of Orange.  Fever Tree Indian Tonic
25ml: £7.95
50ml: £1


Sexy Yeast
Galashiels, Scotland: 4.2%
A Craft Lager, Made especially for Tapa
Pint: £4.75
Caña (1/2 pint): £2.50

Estrella Damm
Barcelona: 4.6%
A Classic Session Style Lager
330ml: £4.75

Damm Daura
Barcelona 5.4%

The Worlds Leading Gluten Free Beer
330ml: £5.50

Estrella Galicia 0.0
La Coruña 0.0%
A Beer you can drink all night and not get a hangover…Our Alcohol Free Lager
250ml: £2.75


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