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Our Wine List is carefully selected from all Corners of Spain to provide a range of tastes and flavours for all discerning palates.  We try hundreds of wines, from every region of Spain, and have been left with, what we feel, is a list which contains not only quality, but excellent value for money wines, most from lesser known, but more individual, regions & Grape Varieties.


Navajas Crianza
DO Rioja
Tempranillo/ Garnacha 13%
**This Wine is our House Recommendation**
Forget tired old Reservas and Gran Reservas- Crianza is definitely where it is at! Aged for 12 Months in Oak, it’s Excellently Structured with a Palate that is as Attractive as it is Silky Smooth. An Elegant Wine with Complex Flavours of Juicy Plums & Strawberries, Judiciously Complemented by Delicious Vanilla Notes

Bottle: £29.95
125ml: £5.50
250ml: £10.95

Castillo de Montblanc
DO Conca de Barbera
Tempranillo 14.5%
Deep Ruby Red with Enticing Aromas of Cherries & Raspberries.  Red Berry Fruits Combine with Subtle Hints of Balsam & Vanilla to Create a Soft, Well Rounded Mouth Feel.  A Welter Weight Champion!
125ml: £3.50
250ml: £6.75
Bottle: £19.95

DO Campo de Borja
Garnacha 13.7%
A deep red wine that has violet hints at its edges often suggest it’s a young ‘un, but don’t let this wine deceive you! An Intense, Tightly Focused, Fresh, Juicy Red with a Lovely Fleshy Weight. An exceptionally Easy Drinking Wine!
125ml: £3.95
250ml: £7.50
Bottle: £21.95

Cop de Vent
DO Emporda
Tempranillo/ Cabernet Sauvignon/ Garnacha 13.5%
We’re Super Excited about this Wine! Having spent four months in French Oak, it’s Got Spice, it’s Got Big, Bursting Bramble Fruits, a Silky Smooth Texture & Lovely, Peppery Finish. We’re super excited about this wine as we think it’s a brilliant food wine that pairs really well with loads of our dishes!

Bottle: £25.95

Finca el Encinal
DO Ribera del Duero
Tinta Fina
On the Nose it packs Aromas of Cherry Ice Cream, Plums and Fresh Red Flowers that are all joined at the Palate with Elder & Sloe Berries & Subtle Vanilla Notes from its Six Months in American Oak
Bottle: £26.95

Juan Gil 4 Meses
DO Jumilla
Monastrell 15%
A vegan Wine made from 40 year old vines!  Every once in a while a wine pops up that punches waaaay above its weight- the label is beautiful &  delicate, the bottle is a quality bottle & the contents, well, if you tried this next to a top notch Bordeauz at four times the price, it’d give it a go! A massively brilliant effort.  Layers of Lush Spiced Plum & Sweet Black Cherries Combine with Even more Layers of Sweet Spice- yet with a Mineral Backbone & Well integrated – Brilliant Value
Bottle: £28.95

Finca Antigua
DO La Mancha
Petit Verdot 13.5%
Using the Awesome Petit Verdot varietal, which is more often found in Left bank medoc wines- giving structure to this Classic Bordeaux blend- & very rarely left to its own Devices, this is just a really fun wine that’ll make you smile all night. (& the Next Morning too!) 

Characteristic Aromas of Blackberries, Coriander, Lilac & Even Banana on the Palate of this wine has Real life & Presence
Bottle: £29.95#

El Pajaro Rojo
DO Bierzo

Mencia 14%
The vines for this wine were long forgotten & were almost lost to urbanisation when they were saved by a group of local wine enthusiasts dedicated to revitalising Bierzo’s precious old vines.
A Beautifully Aromatic Nose of Juicy Red Fruits is Complemented by the Distinctive Violet Notes of the Mencia Variety, Whilst the Palate is Full & Fruit-Driven, with Lots of Mineral Lift.  A really Characterful Expression of this Unique Grape.
Bottle: £32.95

RB Crianza
DO Rioja
Tempranillo 13%
A Limited Edition Rioja, designed to celebrate the 125th years of Bodegas Franco Espanolas.  RB is a thoroughly modern take on classic Rioja using grapes from 40 year old vines.  It’s fresh, Red Fruit Driven & Smooth with Sweet Spice.  Full Bodied it exhibits Stunning Elegance in the Mouth!
Bottle: £35.95

DO Priorat
Garnacha/ Mazuelo 14%
A Full Bodied & Potent Priorat, with Concentrated Flavours Reminiscent of Preserves & a Lovely Suggestion of Cocoa in its long and Well Balanced Finish
Bottle: £41.95

Rioja Bordon
DO Rioja
Tempranillo/ Mazuelo/ Graciano 13.5%
Stunning Gran Reserva from 2006- Aged for 30 months in American & French Oak Barrels & a further 18 Months in Bottle, this is a Complex Wine with lovely Black Fruit Flavours Integrated with notes of Sweet Spices, Coffee, Chocolate, Tobacco & Light Balsamic Nuances. Lip Smackingly Good!
Bottle: £49.50

DO Rioja
Graciano 14%
unusually for a Rioja, all of Bodegas Valdemar’s Grapes come from the family’s own vineyards (almost 300 hectares), giving the winery unrivaled control over the quality of the fruit at every level, as as well as the possibility of selecting grapes for special bottling’s such as this wine.  And it is because of this that we can tell you that the old, low-yielding, late-ripening Graciano wines were harvested for this wine in the third week of October 2008.
Exceptionally concentrated, Aromas of Damp Earth, Sage, Lavender & Plums are Entirely Enticing.  This leads to a Racy, Elegant, Silky, Textured Wine with Superb Spice & Savoury Flavours on the palate.
Bottle: £54.95


Spanish Red Wine, Topped with Orange & Apple Juice & Lemonade & Finished with a Generous Glug of Spanish Brandy

1.7L : £19.95

Sangria Exotica
Dry Spanish White Wine, Topped with Pineapple & Tropical Juice & a Hearty Pouring of Coconut Rum

1.7L : £19.95



DO Rueda
Sauvignon Blanc 13.5%
** This Wine is our House Recommendation**
An organic (Which means it can be drunk with a clear conscience!) Spanish Sauvignon Blanc what wouldn’t bat an eyelid at going toe to toe with the best the Kiwi’s have to offer! Bags of Tropical Fruits & Herbaceous Notes of Basil & Mint on the Nose Reveal a Palate of Papaya & Passion Fruit & a Well Structured Body. Very Dry with Wonderfully Refreshing Acidity
Bottle: £28.95
125ml: £5.25
250ml: £9.95

Castillo de Montblanc
DO Conca de Barbera
Macabeo/Chardonnay 12%
Please forget this terrible adage “anything but Chardonnay” as this is exactly as a Chardonnay should be- Not a Moment Spent in Oak, Dry with Seductive Aromas of Peaches and Pineapples & a Fresh, Zippy Finish
125ml: £3.50
250ml: £6.75
Bottle: £19.95

DO Rueda
Verdejo 12%

Made from the juicy Verdejo grape, this is an absolute steal at this price! Aromas of Freshly Cut Grass step aside as a Mouth of Guava, Gooseberries & Vibrant Zesty Notes Satisfyingly set you up for a Lovely Dry Finish
Bottle: £21.95

DO Bierzo
Godello 12.8%
From a small family -owned vineyard in the Bierzo region of North East Spain, thus Godello is Elegant Light and Fragrant, with Refreshing, Juicy Fruit Characters & a Crisp Exciting Finish.  We Fell in love with it the moment we tasted it!
Bottle: £22.95

DO Rioja
Viura 12.5%

We Spent ages searching for the perfect White Rioja for our List & this was under our noses all the time! The sister of our stunning Red Rioja, this is Exactly what you want from a White Rioja; Light, Fresh & Crisp with Lots of Fruit & a Lovely Intensity
Bottle: £23.95

Raventos de Alella
DO Alella
Pansa Blanca 13%
A Lively Wine, That’s Citrussy with an Interesting Slight Pepperiness, All Balanced with Some Exciting Residual, Grapey Sweetness.  Easily one of our Most Exciting Whites we’ve tasted in years!
Bottle: £33.95

Casal Caeiro
DO Rias Baixas
Albarino 12%
From the Coolest Area of Rias Baixas (in terms of temperature, we’re not talking “Hipsters” here!) this wine just Bursts with Character; Pear, Citrus Fruit, Engaging Minerality & a Hint of Spice, this is a Fantastiv Albarino which is Clean & Intense with Great Length on the Palate
Bottle: £34.95

DO Somontano
Gewurtzraminer 12.5%
From the Coolest Area of Rias Baixas (in terms of temperature, we’re not talking “Hipsters” here!) this wine just Bursts with Character; Pear, Citrus Fruit, Engaging Minerality & a Hint of Spice, this is a Fantastiv Albarino which is Clean & Intense with Great Length on the Palate
Bottle: £35.95

DO Rioja
Tempranillo Blanco 13%
An Incredibly Rare Wine, Tempranillo Blanco is a Mutation of the Classic Spanish Red Grape, Tempranillo.
Entirely Fascinating, This is a Wine that offers notes of Jasmine & White Peach in a round, Mouth-Filling Style, but, with Spicy, Savoury Fruit & a long Seamless Finish- that you’d expect from a Red Wine
We’re not sure if describing this wine as fantastic really does it Justice! A must for any Wine Buffs!
Bottle: £41.95


Fino Tio Pepe
DO Jerez
Palomino 15%
The Definitive Sherry! We’ve tasted loads of Fino’s over the years & have always kept coming back to Tio Pepe!

Pale Gold in Colour, Tio Pepe is a Light, Bone Dry, Delicate Aperitif with Bags of Zesty Citrus & Subtle Nutty Aromas
100ml : £5.50

Manzanilla De Soto
DO Jerez
Palomino 15%
Manzanilla is a Fino, but, in order to be called a Manzanilla it can only be produced in Sanlucar de Barrameda, a town right on the Mediterranean Sea

It’s Lighter & Maybe even a Shade Drier than a Fino, but is- crucially- also blessed with the Faintest Hints of the Salty Sea Air that Caressed its Grapes as they Grow
100ml : £5.50

Amontillado Del Duque
DO Jerez

Palomino 21.5%
Named after the Duke of Medinaceli, whose purchase of 16 Sherry butts in 1835 formed the base of the current day Amontillado Solera
This 30 year old Amontillado is, then, a Nutty, Sweet Expression of an Amontillado with Salted Caramel, Hints of Dried Apricots, Honeydew Melon, Toasted Almonds, Hazelnuts & Raisins
50ml : £7.50

Oloroso Matusalem
DO Jerez

Palomino 20.5%
A Stunning 30 year old Oloroso, Matusalem is made by Enriching a Dry Oloroso Sherry with 25% Pedro Ximenez, Followed by Additional Ageing in its own Solera.
Rich & Opulent in Mouth Feel but with Well Moderated Sweetness, Absorbingly Complex, both Nose & Palate are Awash with Notes of Raisins, Figs, Candied Orange Peel & Pudding Spices
50ml : £7.50

Palo Cortado Apostoles
DO Jerez

Palomino 20%
Imagine a Fino that has been Aged Oxidatively like an Oloroso! Palo Cortado is, then, the Rarest Type of Sherry & this Example has had 30 years ageing & is just so staggeringly complex!
The Palate is a Real Journey, from Caramel Sweetness, Moving to Citrussy Orange Peel before a Finish Full of Toasted Almonds- we Promise you that you’ll taste  this Wine on your Lips for Hours Afterwards.
50ml : £7.50

Pedro Ximenez Noe
DO Jerez

Pedro Ximenez 15.5%
Winner of the International Wine Challenge Gold Medal in 2000.
A Sublime 30 year old PX, This is a Super Sweet Wine, with Lush Waves of Figs, Dates, Coffee & Dark Chocolate.
If you’re Skipping Dessert, have this instead, you won’t be dissapointed!
50ml : £7.50



DO Navarra
Garnacha 13%

The only Rose on our list is from an area of Spain that us, hands down, producing the best Rose’s in the World at the Moment.
Fresh with Rewarding Watermelon, Cherry & Strawberry Flavours that are all Accented by a Classy Touch of Zesty Citrus in the Finish. Don’t let this wine deceive you, the amount of juicy summer fruits crammed into this wine make it seem sweet, but it’s perfectly DRY!
125ml: £4.25
250ml: £7.95
Bottle: £22.95



Pescador Blanc
Macabeo/ Parellada/ Xarello 11.5%
Spanish Prosecco!
With only 4g of Residual Sugar per Litre & a Fresh Palate of Subtle Aromatic Fruity Hints & Zingy Acidity- we Think this is even Better than its Italian Counterpart
Bottle: £24.95
Glass: £4.95

Macabeo/ Parellada/ Chardonnay 11.5%
The Ultimate accompaniment to any celebration & a brilliant party starter! What stood this Cava Out for us was its Pronounced, Aromatic Nose, Tight, Steady Stream of Bubbles & the Excellent Way in which it Balanced Ripe Green Fruits with Honey, Warm Brioche & Lovely Acidity in its Finish. Not only that, it’s got some really great Packaging too!
Bottle: £29.95

Castillo Perelada Brut Rosado
Garnacha/ Pinot Noir/ Trepat 11.5%
Easily the Best Rose Cava in the World!
But, if you don’t trust us, it was also the Favourite Tipple of One Salvador Dali! Need we say more…
Bottle: £31.95

La Vida al Camp
Macabeo/ Parellada/ Xarello 11.5%
Every so Often we Taste a Wine that just has to be on the list somewhere & this is it!
Boasting Layers of Flavours from Bright Citrus to Hints of Toasted Brioche & Combined with Smoky Minerality, Sets you up for a Satisfyingly Rich, Full Finish.
Bottle: £49.95

Agusti Torello Mata Kripta
Macabeo/ Parellada/ Xarello 12%
Rated 94 Parker Points, thjis is a Sublime Artisan Cava- from Spain’s most prestigious Cava Producer- presented in a ridiculously cool rounded bottom bottle! Think top level Champagne
A Clean, Crisp Cava with a Bouquet Redolent of Luscious Ripe Fruits & Vanilla, with a Hint of Toasted Brioche & A Pleasant;ly Complex, almost Soothing, Smoky Base
Bottle: £120


Loads of Mediterranean Botanicals & Classy Touches of Citrus Fruits from Valencia Make this Gin Exceptionally Rewarding!
Garnish: Wedges of Grapefruit & a Sprig of Rosemary.  Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic
25ml: £6.50
50ml: £11.00

Larios Rose
Totally Different in Style from Valentia, in fact, you might not know it was a Gin at all! Ridiculously Good!
Stunning Strawberry Flavoured Gin
Garnish: Fresh Strawberries & Cucumber.  Fever Tree Indian Tonic
25ml: £6.50
50ml: £11.00

Spain’s Best Selling Gin- You’ll undoubtedly have had Larios at some point if you’ve ever had a Holiday in Spain
Garnish: Wedges of Grapefuit. Fever Tree Indian Tonic
25ml: £5.95
50ml: £9.95

Gin Mare
Think Less Citrussy & More Savoury, Gin Mare is Flavoured with Four Principle Botanicals- Basil, Thyme, Rosemary & Unusually, Arbequina Olive
Garnish: Twists of Lemon & a Sprig of Thyme. Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.
25ml: £6.75
50ml: £11.00

A Gin of Great Character & Softness, with an Awesome Nuttiness to it from its Use of Chestnut as One of its 11 Botanicals
Garnish: Twists of Orange & Walnuts.  Fever Tree Indian Tonic
25ml: £6.95
50ml: £11.95

Flower of Jamaica, Mandarin Bark & Pink Peppercorns all Play Prominent Roles on the Palate of this Doub;le Winner at the 2014 San Francisco Spirit Award & 2015 IWSC Awards
Garnish: Twists of Orange, a Stick of Cinnamon & Pink Peppercorns.  Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.
25ml: £7.25
50ml: £12

Siderit Hibiscus
Siderit, as above, but with Extra Emphasis on the Flower of Jamaica (Hibiscus) Botanical
Garnish: Hibiscus Flower & Black Peppercorns.  Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic.
25ml: £7.50
50ml: £13.00

Alkkemist is only distilled when the moon is at its Fullest!
Obviously this limits production a wee bit, but, the end result is what can only be described as an “Ultra Premium” Gin that- through a quadruple distillation process- is the pefect fusion of grain & 21 carefully selected botanicals.  A Must try for any serous Gin Fan
Garnish: Dehydrated Orange & Twists of Lemon
25ml: £7.95
50ml: £1



Sevilla 4.8%
Our only Draught Beer – Served in Ice Cold Glasses.
Pint: £4.75
Caña (1/2 pint): £2.50

Golden IPA
Linlithgow, Scotland 4.6%
Our very own beer! Brewed specially for us, to a recipe chosen by our staff.  A Brilliant IPA
330ml: £4.75

Damm Daura
Barcelona 5.4%
The Worlds Leading Gluten Free Beer
330ml: £4.50

Estrella Galicia 0.0
La Coruña 0.0%
A Beer you can drink all night and not get a hangover…Our Alcohol Free Lager
250ml: £2.75


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